Connect with a first-time homebuyer agent

Do you wish you had someone patient and experienced to hold your hand?

I know just the person for you!

You’ll need an agent to get started – but what type of agent?

As a first-timer buyer, you’ll need what I call a FAME agent.

  • First-time buyer friendly
    (aka. patient and excited to answer all your questions!)
  • Available
    (so your agent has extra the time to answer your questions & go over the process with you aka. Not the busiest agent in your area)
  • Market knowledge
    (aka. A local insider so you can put your best foot forward when submitting offers & negotiating!)
  • Experienced
    (of course! You need GUIDANCE from a pro!)

How to connect with a FAME agent


Send me a few details about you using the botton below.


I will send you an email to confirm your details within 2 business days


After you confirm, I will connect you with a FAME agent in your area within 5 business days


Your FAME agent will be in touch to schedule your consultation & provide guidance!


There is no charge to get connected with a FAME agent! I will connect you via email at no cost.

Your agent is compensated for his/her services one of two ways: #1 The seller will pay your agent from the proceeds of their sale.

Or, #2 you will pay your agent along with your closing costs when you close on the house.

Most experienced agents are compensated a minimum of 2.5% of the purchase price, but each agent is different, and this is negotiable.

You’ll learn more about how your specific agent works in your first meeting. You’ll also learn more about what is standard for your area, so you know what to expect.

Your agent will share a portion of their compensation with me.

If you meet with your FAME agent via the phone, zoom, or in person and do not feel 100% confident that they are not the right real estate agent for you, there is no obligation to work with them. All you have to do is shoot me an email to let me know, and you’re good to go!

New national mandates require buyers and their agent to have a signed working agreement prior to showings, but that will come after you have met with your agent and feel comfortable working with him/her.

Out of respect for other first-time buyers who need a FAME agent, please only submit a request if you would like to meet with a FAME agent.

I recommend connecting with a FAME agent when you are 6-8 months out OR SOONER. If you’re a year out, I can also connect you.

I have a large network from working in the industry for over 7 years (kind of like how good teachers tend to know a lot of other good teachers). I am also constantly mining through sales data, testimonials, and transaction histories to find experienced agents with a proven track record for helping first-time homebuyers. Chances are, I already know an amazing FAME agent in your area, but if not, I’ll find them! All FAME agents have been personally interviewed and vetted by me, and are someone I’d work with if I was moving to your area.

After you are introduced to your FAME agent via email, he or she will reach out to schedule a time to speak either on the phone, on zoom, or in person. You’ll review your goals, all of your next steps, and go over your questions. Most likely, your next step will be to reach out to a local lender, so your agent will help you find the right lender and give you recommendations. Your agent will also help you start searching for homes in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). When you’re ready, your FAME agent will schedule in-person home tours for you!
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